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Review of THE COMPLETE SOUNDTRACK OF SUICIDE [Nocturne of Shadows]

“Misanthropic and peculiar artist Braz Kovtun (Raphael Mandra member of Rádio Morto) began working with loop-based music under the moniker Kovtun in a decidedly caustic context in São Paulo, Brazil. “The Complete Soundtrack of Suicide” is a dark ambient album from the man who lives by obscure art. This 11 tracks provides explicit descriptions and analysis on a wide range of suicide methods such as overdosing, hanging, jumping, and carbon monoxide poisoning. There is no preference shown for painless or painful ways of ending one’s life. “The Complete Soundtrack of Suicide” neither encourages nor discourages suicide, and as well does not tell those considering suicide to seek help. In the hauntingly opener “Overdosing” and “Slashing the Wrist and Carotid Artery” there are plenty of darkly atmospheric passages, and those atmospherics even bring to mind Throbbing Gristle but are a lot more ominous and much, much creepier. And, the total end result is unfailing eclectic, remarkably inspiring, and never less than a brave step into the depths of the unknown.”


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Dark Sun Black Rainbow [EP] 2012
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